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Paul Insect

Paul Insect is a UK contemporary artist. Best known for his collective named ‘insect’ that started in 1996 he is a collage, portrait master when it comes to portraying the relationship between the visible and the invisible. His images are provoking and impressive covering the vast ranges; going to the extremes of sensitivity to strictness going from life itself to death. Paul Insect’s works are featured as a part of the opening of URBAN NATION Museum in 2017. Insect also goes by the name of PINS. He had worked together with artist like Banksy at the Cans Festival, the Santa’s Ghetto project in Bethlehem, on the separation wall in Palestine and produced album artwork for DJ Shadow. The unique beauty of his Pop Culture portraits is more than just hand-painted faces, they contain a statement of significant segments of Popular Culture across the globe. He has amongst many, his solo Bullion exhibition at London’s Art gallery, Lazarides Gallery got really noticed probably because of his ability to play with these extremes but most probably because of his playful way of ‘speaking.’ His style developed throughout the years, yet his political criticism and desire to raise the awareness regarding our present stayed the same, thus the respect goes there