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Brian Hamill

Brian Hamill was born in Brooklyn, NY and studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In the mid 1960's, Hamill began his long career as a photojournalist covering everything from the Rock & Roll scene, politics and entertainment to sports (especially the boxing world). In the late 1960's he also worked for a few years as an assistant to several top fashion photographers. In the early 1970's he traveled to Northern Ireland to photograph the troubles there for The New York Times Magazine and simultaneously widened his photojournalistic scope into a unit still photographer on movie sets. Since then he has worked as a unit still photographer on over seventy-five movies including twenty-six Woody Allen films, resulting in the much acclaimed coffee table photo book titled "Woody Allen at Work: The Photographs of Brian Hamill" (Harry N. Abrams, 1995). Hamill's work has also appeared in numerous other books, publications and many group and solo exhibitions including a one-man show at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1995. Since 2005 Hamill has had many solo exhibitions in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Santa Fe and Austin with his "Tests of Time" images of John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, Mich Jagger, Tina Turner, Robert DeNiro from "Raging Bull" and Woody Allen from "Manhattan" and "Annie Hall". In addition to his movie work, Hamill has an extensive file of photographs that includes the "Troubles in Northern Ireland - 1972", Rock & Roll, boxing, an extensive file of travel photographs form around the world and a collection of nudes from the 1970's to the present which he will include in a forthcoming book. With over forty-five years as a photographer, Hamill has amassed an amazingly colorful collection of stories to complement his many photographs. As Woody Allen says, "His currency is knowledge, information, connections, street smarts. There's not a person he doesn't know or he doesn't have the skinny on or know about, not a restaurant, not a broad. - It's really quite astonishing." His fine art photography is available for purchase from limited edition sets and his fine art prints are represented in numerous private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Hamill, who is a self-proclaimed "devoted and fiercely loyal New Yorker", still lives in New York City.