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Ash Almonte

Ash Almonte’s vibrant works are inspired by abstract expressionism combined with an optimistic outlook. She stays inspired by beautiful color, incredible music, and outrageous fashion. Her love for fashion has given her the opportunity to collaborate with celebrity stylists creating looks for a top billboard artist, as well as creating apparel worn at New York Fashion Week for top dress designer Sherri Hill. Ash is moved by the process of change, and individuals who are doing kind things in the world for others. She is passionate about using art for philanthropic endeavors and giving back to those in need. Hearing miraculous stories of past & present is another way Ash stays inspired. She loves life and is constantly finding inspiration in living it. Sharing the healing power of creativity with others is important to Ash and she finds the most joy when sharing it with teens in foster care. She is passionate about her work with Hopefully Sow, an organization dedicated to better serving teens in foster care. 10 % percent of all her sales go to further this effort and mission. Her paintings are friendly and candid, and bring life and exuberance into the homes of her collectors. Using a technique of thick brushstrokes and bright, bold colors then cleverly applying resin and other varnishes to parts of her work give it a characteristic glimmer. Ash’s works are energetic & balance organic shapes with masterfully delicate ink drawings enlivening any space. The process of making art is more important to Ash than the product. She stays fueled by the desire to create. As a young girl she would experiment using anything she could find to make art. She would tear apart bushel baskets at her father's fruit stand and use those to paint on. Anything and everything around her she would turn into works of art. Creating things with her hands has always brought her a tremendous amount of joy and she hopes to evoke that joy in others. Her artworks have been exhibited and collected worldwide, including Austin, Texas, Germany , Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong and featured in a major motion picture and as well as episodes of HGTV’s Bargain Mansions.

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