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Barry McGee X Baker Skateboards | Theotis Barry Deck, Spanky Barry Deck, and Reynolds Barry Deck

Introducing the dynamic trio of skate decks: Theotis Barry Deck, Dollin Barry Deck, and Spanky Barry Deck, proudly produced by Baker Skateboards in North Hollywood. Each deck in this collection represents a unique fusion of style and performance, tailored to the modern skateboarder.

The Theotis Barry Deck stands out with its sleek design and responsive construction, perfect for skaters who value agility and precision. The Dollin Barry Deck, on the other hand, features a more robust build, offering stability and durability for those high-impact tricks. Lastly, the Spanky Barry Deck combines both aesthetic appeal and functionality, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of skateboarding styles.

Crafted with the quality and expertise that Baker Skateboards is known for, these decks are not just tools for the sport but also pieces of art, showcasing the vibrant skate culture of North Hollywood. Whether you're hitting the streets or adding to your collection, these decks are sure to make a statement.

Artist: Barry McGee