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Buff Monster | The Melty Misfits Trading Cards (Series 2) Collection

Illustration in pencil on card, uncut trading card sheet, binder, 16 wax card packs, and poster

Sketch card signed and dated beneath illustration in pencil;
Pink Barry card signed and dated in ink to reverse

The Melty Misfits ™ is an impressive collection of trading cards designed by renowned artist Buff Monster and manufactured by Sidekick Labs. With meticulous attention to detail, we have spared no expense in crafting a top-notch tribute to the beloved Garbage Pail Kids franchise. Each card features original paintings in a 5x7" format, created with acrylic and airbrush techniques that closely mirror those used for the original GPK artwork. Our custom offset printing utilizes unique ink blends on specialized sticker paper, and each card is kiss-cut and packaged in a nostalgia-inducing wax wrapper. On the reverse side, you'll find puzzles, checklists, and copies of the pencil sketches used in the card illustrations. Each sealed box contains a complete set of cards, as well as exclusive inserts like signed cards, rare variations, errors, and a poster.

Artist: Buff Monster