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Mila Sketch | The Grand Cru of Chablis

Hand finished L.E. print
Edition of 10

Chablis is a very northern and the most significant wine region in Burgundy. Grand Cru vineyard is famous for its soil-Kimmeridgian marl (limestone and clay layered with tons of oyster fossils). All planted with Chardonnay. Kimmeridgian soil occurred around 150-157 million years ago.
The hillsides of Grand Cru vineyard are hand-harvested. Chablis lover needs to be patient and wait at least a year after the wines were released to enjoy elegant yet powerful white wine with flavors of lemon, oyster shells, and hazelnut.

Artist: Mila Sketch
Year: 2021
Medium: Watercolor, ink on flax linen paper
17.0" x 11.0"