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Lady Pink | TC5 in the Ghost Yard

"TC5 in the Ghost Yard" by Lady Pink is a piece that showcases her deep roots in and contributions to the graffiti and street art movement. Lady Pink, born Sandra Fabara, is a pioneering female graffiti artist who began her career in the late 1970s and early 1980s, painting subway trains in New York City. Her work is celebrated for its vibrant use of color, intricate detail, and often incorporates themes of feminism, social justice, and personal narratives.

The title "TC5 in the Ghost Yard" references significant elements of graffiti culture. "TC5" stands for "The Cool 5ive," a renowned graffiti crew that Lady Pink was associated with, known for their artistic influence in the New York graffiti scene. "The Ghost Yard" refers to an iconic graffiti site in New York City, a train yard where many artists of the era would paint subway cars. This piece captures the spirit and energy of that time, paying homage to the roots of street art and the community and spaces that nurtured it.

Through "TC5 in the Ghost Yard," Lady Pink is reflecting on her experiences and the broader context of graffiti history, emphasizing the camaraderie, creativity, and challenges faced by artists. Her work often bridges the gap between street art's raw, public energy and the more formal settings of galleries and museums, and this piece could serve as a testament to the enduring impact and importance of graffiti culture.

Frame Dimensions: 26.12 x 33.12 in

Artist: Lady Pink
Year: 2020
Medium: Archival Pigment Prints printed on Moab Entrada Rag, 300gms heavy weight paper
31.0" x 24.0"