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El Seed | Sunshine III

El Seed is a French-Tunisian contemporary artist whose practice crosses the disciplines of painting and sculpture. He uses Arabic calligraphy in his distinctive style, culling the wisdom of writers, poets, and philosophers worldwide to convey messages of peace and underline the commonalities of human existence. eL Seed uses his art as an echo of the stories of the communities that he meets across the globe intending to amplify their unique voices. He finds his artwork as a way to build a link between all people on this earth. Whenever he works within a community, he spends a significant amount of time learning about their ways and culture and uses his creative vision to summarize the voice of those people in a singular piece of Arabic text-driven work while uniting the message with his key principles of love, respect, and tolerance. His work has been shown in exhibitions and in public places all over the world, most notably on the facade of “L'Institut du monde Arabe” in Paris, in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, on the DMZ between North and South Korea, in the slums of Cape Town and in the heart of Cairo's garbage collectors neighborhood. In 2021, eL Seed was selected by the World Economic Forums as one of the Young Global Leaders for his vision and influence to drive positive change in the world. In 2019, he won the “International Award for Public Art” for his project titled “Perception” in Cairo. In 2017, he won the Unesco Sharjah prize for Arab Culture. He was named a Global Thinker in 2016 by Foreign Policy for his project "Perception". In 2015, the international organization TED recognized him as one of the year’s TED Fellows, for advocating peaceful expression and social progress through his work. He has also collaborated with Louis Vuitton on their famous “Foulard artistes.”

Hand-numbered edition of 250
Embossed with the Heliotrope Foundation logo

All proceeds from the Heliotrope Prints series benefit the Heliotrope Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by artist Caledonia Curry (Swoon) to advance the values & vision of her community-based projects. The Heliotrope Foundation supports three core projects: Braddock Tiles in Braddock, Pennsylvania; Konbit Shelter in Cormiers, Haiti, and The Music Box Village in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Artist: El Seed
Year: 2019
Medium: Archival Pigment Print on Canson Mi-Teintes Fine Art Paper
19.0" x 13.0"