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Bill Barminski | Sticker Board 1

Redefine your skateboarding experience with the Bill Barminski | Sticker Board 1 Skate Deck, a fusion of skate culture and artistic expression. This skateboard deck features a design inspired by the Sticker Board 1 collection by acclaimed artist Bill Barminski, known for his captivating and thought-provoking artwork.

Measuring 32 x 8 inches, this skate deck offers ample space for tricks and maneuvers, while also showcasing Bill Barminski's unique visual style. Whether you're hitting the streets or displaying it as a collector's item, this deck adds an artistic flair to your skateboarding journey.

The Bill Barminski | Sticker Board 1 Skate Deck is not just a deck; it's a canvas that pays homage to the artist's creative legacy. It's a must-have for skateboarders and art enthusiasts alike, offering the perfect blend of functionality and artistic expression.

Published by: 1xRUN

Edition of 40

Artist: Bill Barminski