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Cleon Peterson | Sirens | Red

Cleon Peterson's "Sirens | Red" continues the artist's profound examination of chaos, societal structures, and the human condition through his distinct and impactful visual language. Known for his graphic, often monochromatic works that delve into themes of violence, dominance, and the darker aspects of society, Peterson's use of the color red in "Sirens" serves to amplify the intensity of the narrative, evoking danger, warning, or passion.

Peterson's choice to cast this narrative in red could deepen the sense of urgency and danger, making "Sirens | Red" a visually striking piece that captures the viewer's attention and provokes thought. The artwork invites interpretations related to the seductive nature of power, the complexities of human desires, and the consequences of succumbing to destructive temptations.

For collectors and admirers of contemporary art, "Sirens | Red" offers an opportunity to engage with Cleon Peterson's critical exploration of societal dynamics through a piece that combines aesthetic allure with thematic depth. This artwork not only stands as a visually arresting object but also as a catalyst for reflection on the forces that shape human behavior and societal outcomes.

Framed Dimensions: 38.87 x 32.75 in

Artist: Cleon Peterson
Year: 2021
Medium: Hand-pulled screen print. printed on 290gsm Coventry Rag paper with deckled edges
32.0" x 26.0"