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David Shrigley | Really Good

Inspired by David Shrigley's monumental sculpture on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, our limited edition reproduction of "Really Good" brings a touch of artistic brilliance into your home or collection. Crafted from durable Polystone and meticulously hand-painted with bronze and grey hues, each piece captures the essence of Shrigley's original vision.

As a limited edition masterpiece, "Really Good" is a unique addition to your art collection. With only 3000 pieces available worldwide, this exclusive sculpture promises to elevate your space with its depth and dimension. Whether displayed as a focal point or nestled among your existing artworks, Shrigley's "Really Good" is sure to spark conversation and captivate admirers with its whimsical charm and profound symbolism.

Own a piece of contemporary art history and invite the magic of David Shrigley's "Really Good" into your world. Order your limited edition sculpture today and experience the joy of owning a true artistic treasure.

Artist: David Shrigley