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Toiletpaper | Plate | Revolver

The Toiletpaper Plate collection is a bold foray into home decor, blending the irreverent and provocative artistry of TOILETPAPER magazine with the functionality of everyday dining ware. Each plate in this collection features the distinctive, surreal imagery and vibrant colors that are trademarks of the magazine, turning every meal into an avant-garde experience. Far from ordinary, these plates are designed to challenge the conventional boundaries of table setting, making them perfect conversation starters.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Toiletpaper Plates are not only visually striking but also durable enough for daily use, whether for dining or as decorative pieces. The collection offers a variety of designs, each more whimsical and intriguing than the last, ensuring that there's a plate to match every personality and decor style. Ideal for those who appreciate art that pushes the envelope or anyone looking to inject a dose of eccentricity into their home, these plates transform dining into an act of artistic expression, making every meal a memorable experience.

Artist: Toiletpaper