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Kenny Scharf | Slug Pin

The "Kenny Scharf Slug Pin" embodies the playful and irreverent charm of Scharf's universe, bringing one of the most whimsical creatures to life with a burst of color and character. Renowned for his vibrant contributions to the 1980s New York City art scene, Scharf's work intertwines pop culture with surrealism, creating pieces that are both thought-provoking and delightfully engaging. This enamel pin, with its glossy finish and high-quality craftsmanship, serves as a miniature canvas for Scharf's artistic vision, capturing the essence of his style in a compact form [Insert Size Here, e.g., 1x1.5 inches]. Ideal for fans of Scharf's eclectic art and those looking to add a unique, art-inspired touch to their attire, the "Slug Pin" is not just an accessory but a small statement piece that reflects the joy, creativity, and boundless imagination of Kenny Scharf's world.

Black nickel brass pin with hard enamel

Black rubber pin clutch

Artist: Kenny Scharf