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Kenny Scharf | Circle Pin

The "Kenny Scharf Circle Pin" is an artistic accessory that encapsulates the energetic and vibrant essence of Kenny Scharf's art in a simple yet profound circular design. Known for his contributions to the dynamic New York City art scene of the 1980s and his integration of pop culture elements with fine art, Scharf's work is celebrated for its playful spirit and colorful imagery. This pin, crafted from high-quality enamel for a glossy and durable finish, is a versatile piece designed to add a burst of creativity and color to any ensemble. Perfect for admirers of Scharf's innovative approach to art and those looking to infuse their wardrobe with a piece that combines the whimsical with the iconic, the "Circle Pin" is a testament to Scharf's legacy of blending the boundaries between the everyday and the extraordinary.

Black nickel brass pin with hard enamel

Black rubber pin clutch

Artist: Kenny Scharf