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Keith Haring | Dogs Blue Pin

Embrace the playful spirit and dynamic artistry of Keith Haring with the "Dogs Blue Pin," featuring one of the artist's most cherished motifs. Haring's iconic art, characterized by vibrant lines and expressive figures, often celebrated the joy and companionship embodied by dogs. This enamel pin captures the essence of Haring's canine characters in a captivating shade of blue, adding a pop of color and whimsy to your collection.

Measuring 1" x 0.75", this meticulously crafted pin is made from gold-plated brass and finished with hard enamel for a durable and glossy surface. It is the perfect accessory to adorn jackets, bags, or hats, adding a touch of Haring's lively artistry to any ensemble. Complete with a black rubber pin clutch for secure fastening, the "Dogs Blue Pin" is a delightful homage to Haring's enduring legacy and his affectionate portrayal of our furry friends.

Artist: Keith Haring