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Keith Haring | Angel Red Pin

Celebrate the legacy of Keith Haring with the "Angel Red Pin," a vibrant tribute to the artist's themes of hope and compassion. This beautifully crafted pin features one of Haring's enduring symbols—an angelic figure with wings outstretched in a protective embrace. The angel is set against a vivid red background and outlined in black, embodying Haring's iconic style with bold lines and a sense of dynamic movement.

This 1" x 0.75" pin is made from gold-plated brass with a hard enamel finish, ensuring durability and a lustrous appearance. It comes equipped with a black rubber pin clutch for secure attachment to any fabric. Perfect for collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike, the "Angel Red Pin" is more than just an accessory—it's a small piece of wearable art that carries powerful meanings of guardianship and positivity.

Artist: Keith Haring