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Risk | Keep on Keepin on | AR Print | Pink

Dive into the innovative world of art with RISK's groundbreaking AR print, "Keep on Keepin' on." Premiering at Wynwood Miami, this piece marks RISK's first foray into virtual reality through print, offering a unique and immersive experience. By simply using your cell phone or scanning a QR code, you activate a special RISK animation, bringing the static artwork to life before your eyes.

This exclusive release features four different color variations, each with an edition of just 50, making every piece a rare collectible. The blend of traditional art with cutting-edge technology invites viewers into a new dimension of creativity, where the boundaries of art and digital innovation merge. Perfect for tech-savvy art collectors and fans of RISK, this AR print not only decorates your space but also transforms it into an interactive art gallery.

Artist: Risk
Year: 2023
18.0" x 18.0"