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Swoon | Ice Queen, Jogjakarta Indonesia

Swoon's "Ice Queen, Jogjakarta Indonesia"  encapsulates the artist's signature blend of intricate paper cutouts and street art to convey themes of femininity, resilience, and environmental awareness, set against the backdrop of Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Known for her deeply humanitarian and social themes, Swoon often immerses herself in the communities she depicts, drawing inspiration from local narratives, traditions, and challenges.

This piece features a portrayal of a local or mythical woman, rendered with Swoon's characteristic attention to detail and emotional depth, using the medium of cut paper to create a complex, layered effect that is both visually stunning and conceptually rich. The artwork intertwines elements of Jogjakarta's cultural icons, natural beauty, and urban environment, highlighting the interplay between human and nature, tradition and modernity.

"Ice Queen, Jogjakarta Indonesia" appeals to collectors and enthusiasts of contemporary art who appreciate works that not only showcase technical skill and aesthetic beauty but also engage with pressing societal and environmental issues. Swoon's ability to connect with viewers on a personal level, while also invoking a sense of global solidarity and action, is what makes her work profoundly impactful.

Published by: Swoon Studio

Framed Dimensions: 18 x 24 in

Artist: Swoon
Year: 2016
Medium: Inkjet print on heavyweight rag
19.0" x 13.0"