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David Shrigley | I Made My Mark

David Shrigley's "I Made My Mark" embodies the artist's characteristic blend of humor, simplicity, and poignant commentary on human nature and societal norms. Shrigley, a British artist known for his distinctive, often deceptively simple drawings, paintings, and sculptures, has a knack for extracting profound meaning from the mundane and presenting it in a way that is both accessible and thought-provoking.

As with much of Shrigley's art, this piece would appeal to those who appreciate a blend of wit, visual simplicity, and underlying complexity. It encapsulates the artist's talent for using art as a medium for observation and commentary on the human condition, all while maintaining a sense of accessibility and universal appeal.

Published by the artist David Shrigley. Printed by Narayana Press in Denmark

Artist: David Shrigley
Medium: Offset lithograph printed on 200g Munkin Lynx paper
31.5" x 22.4"