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Hunter Barnes | Off the Strip

 Hunter Barnes, a renowned photographer born in 1977, possesses a unique talent for capturing and documenting aspects of culture and communities that are often overlooked or misrepresented in modern American narratives. In his latest project, he delves into the Las Vegas of the past. Through his photographs, he pays tribute to the people who shaped the city during its heyday. Though much of it has disappeared, Hunter's portraits immortalize the individuals and landmarks that continue to represent the essence of "Off the Strip." With his first book, Redneck Roundup, self-published in his early twenties, Barnes began his journey of capturing the fading communities of the Old West. Since then, he has embarked on a variety of projects, including spending four years with the Nez Perce tribe, documenting a serpent handling congregation in the Appalachian mountains, and capturing the raw and authentic lifestyles of bikers, lowriders, street gangs and inmates in California State Prison. His work is a testament to the lesser-known and


Artist: Hunter Barnes