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Mila Sketch | Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction

Edition of 10

Hospices de Beaune is the primary wine auction in France. Charitable nonprofit institution that has cared for the sick in poor since 1443. Chancellor Nicolas Rolin founded the Hôtel Dieu (HospicesdeBeaune ). Beaune was coming out of the 100 years’ war, a period of unrest and plague that decimated the countryside. It was for the poor and the most disadvantaged that this masterpiece inspired by the most outstanding hôtels-Dieu of Flanders and Paris was built.

Today, the wine estate has around 60 hectares, of which 50 are devoted to PinotNoir and the rest to Chardonnay. The charity auction has been arranged annually since 1859. Twenty-two winemakers participating nowadays, vineyard accounts for 85% of premiers crus and grand crus sold at auction on the third Sunday in November. The sale, today organized by Christie's auction house since 2005.

Hammer is a symbol of bidding. Mila pictured the original Hotel Dieu, that is now a working museum inside of the hammer head. Hammer's handle consists of old vines and barrels. Mila is highlighting that even today wine is sold in barrels at the action; One can see, Flor de Lys the symbol of Royal France. Catholic cross is a tribute to working monks. The emblem in blue is the official house emblem.

Artist: Mila Sketch
Year: 2021
Medium: Ink, acrylic on paper
17.0" x 11.0"