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Ai Wei Wei | History of Bombs

Ai Weiwei's "History of Bombs" is a powerful and thought-provoking installation that delves into the complex history and impact of aerial warfare. Unveiled at the Imperial War Museum in London in 2020, this expansive work covers 1,000 square meters of the museum's floor with images of bombs and missiles, showcasing Ai Weiwei's characteristic blend of artistic expression and activism.

"History of Bombs" draws from extensive research into the museum's collection, highlighting over 50 types of bombs used in conflicts from World War II to contemporary disputes. The installation not only explores the technological evolution of these weapons but also invites reflection on their profound effects on human lives and societies. By bringing these images into the museum space, Ai Weiwei challenges viewers to confront the realities of warfare and the often-distanced perception of conflict in the modern world.

This work is emblematic of Ai Weiwei's ongoing engagement with themes of human rights, freedom of expression, and the individual's role within society and history. "History of Bombs" is a compelling call to awareness and empathy, urging a deeper consideration of the costs of conflict and the shared responsibility for its consequences.

Published by the Imperial War Museum, UK.

Artist: Ai Weiwei
Year: 2020
Medium: Offset lithograph in colors on paper
19.52" x 27.5"

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