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James Bullough | Gravity

"Gravity" depicts a figure seemingly suspended in space, captured in a moment of free fall or weightlessness. The subject's body is fragmented and partially abstracted, with sharp, geometric shapes intersecting and overlapping the form, suggesting a disintegration or distortion of reality. The use of light and shadow is masterful, highlighting the tension between the human figure and the abstract elements that envelop it. This juxtaposition invites a dialogue on the nature of human existence in a fragmented, chaotic world, and the search for solidity in the ephemeral.

An arresting piece of art that showcases the artist's fascination with motion, fragmentation, and the human form. Known for his ability to blend photorealistic detail with dynamic abstraction, Bullough creates a visually stunning narrative that explores themes of disconnection and reorientation in the modern world. "Gravity" is a testament to his skill in capturing both the physical and emotional complexities of his subjects, making it a compelling addition to any contemporary art collection.

Published by Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles

Artist: James Bullough
Year: 2020
Medium: Giclee print in colors with hand-embellishments on paper
30.0" x 20.0"