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Tristan Eaton | 3D Frankenstein

Tristan Eaton's "3D Frankenstein" art print is a continuation of his exploration into the iconic Universal Monsters, blending classic horror imagery with his distinct, vibrant style. Known for his fragmented-collage aesthetic, Eaton brings the legendary character of Frankenstein's monster to life in a new dimension, literally and figuratively, through the use of 3D design.

This piece, like others in Eaton's Universal Monsters series, is created with a red/blue 3D design that adds depth and a dynamic quality to the artwork, making it an interactive experience for viewers equipped with custom 3D glasses. The print itself measures 24 x 25.5 inches and is based on Eaton's larger-than-life mural projects on the Universal Studios Backlot, showcasing his interpretation of one of cinema's most enduring figures.

Eaton's "3D Frankenstein" is characterized by its rich layering of historical and pop culture references, intricate patterns, and a kaleidoscope of colors that break away from the traditionally dark and brooding depictions of Frankenstein's monster. Instead, Eaton celebrates the complexity and the multifaceted nature of the character, offering a fresh take on the theme of monstrosity and what it means to be human.

Collectors and fans of both Tristan Eaton and the Universal Monsters franchise will find "3D Frankenstein" to be a compelling addition to their collections. It's a piece that not only stands out for its artistic innovation and engaging design but also serves as a bridge between the worlds of classic horror and contemporary art, inviting viewers to see Frankenstein's monster in a new light.

Tristan Eaton Screen print in full Stereoscopic 3D on Signa Smooth paper- Published by the artist and accompanied by 3D glasses.

Framed Dimensions: 29.4X27.9

Artist: Tristan Eaton
Year: 2020
Medium: Screen print on Signa Smooth 300gsm archival cotton rag fine art paper with deckled edges
25.5" x 24.0"