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FAILE | Dog (Red/Gold)

"Dog (Red/Gold)" by FAILE, the renowned artist collective known for their dynamic and layered mixed media compositions, presents a striking exploration of iconography, texture, and emotional resonance. This piece, featuring the image of a dog rendered in bold red and gold hues, encapsulates FAILE's unique ability to blend street art sensibilities with high art forms, creating works that are both accessible and deeply complex.

The artwork features a stylized depiction of a dog, an image that resonates with themes of loyalty, protection, and companionship. The choice of red and gold not only imbues the piece with a sense of vitality and prestige but also carries cultural significance, suggesting themes of luck, prosperity, and joy in various traditions. "Dog (Red/Gold)" is emblematic of FAILE's interest in the emotional and symbolic power of images, utilizing a pop art palette and urban art techniques to evoke a strong, immediate connection with the viewer.

Published by the artist

Framed Dimensions: 31 x 25 in

Artist: FAILE
Year: 2018
Medium: Offset print with gold on wove paper
28.0" x 22.0"