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David Shrigley | Don't Touch My Stuff Rinse Free Gentle Gel 3.4oz

Experience the quirky charm of David Shrigley with our exclusive line of Rinse-Free Gentle Gels. Whether you choose the cheeky admonition of "Don't Touch My Stuff" or the playful nudge of "Dirty Hands," each 3.4oz bottle offers more than just practical cleanliness—it brings a dash of artful humor to your daily hygiene routine. Formulated for both efficacy and gentleness, these gels cleanse without water, making them perfect for on-the-go freshness. Adorned with Shrigley's unmistakably witty designs, they're not just hand sanitizers but conversation starters, blending the practical with the playful. Perfect for art enthusiasts and fans of a good chuckle alike, these gels keep your hands clean and your spirits uplifted. 

Artist: David Shrigley