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Jeff Koons | Balloon Monkey (Orange)

Signed, Numbered, and Dated on bottom  

Jeff Koons transforms a twisted balloon monkey into a reflective porcelain limited edition, Balloon Monkey. Incorporating the vocabulary of his iconic Celebration sculptures, Balloon Monkey, along with two other animals, Balloon Swan and Balloon Rabbit, marked a spectacular new chapter in Koons’s oeuvre.

This limited edition work masterfully transforms each object to emulate the flawless and voluptuous appearance of an inflated ballon, twisted by unseen hands into a playful animal.

Jeff Koons has been interested in cultural subject matter with widespread appeal throughout his career. It is, therefore, fitting that the monkey has been a recurring motif in his body of work. Humankind’s close kinship with primates has captured the artist’s fascination throughout history, serving as a symbol of universal themes such as the pursuit of pleasure, sexuality, and innocence. Koons merges these typically contradictory concepts through the reduction of the subject to its most basic form.

Artist: Jeff Koons