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Martha Cooper x Cey Adams | CARWASH 1982

"CARWASH 1982" is a collaborative piece by Martha Cooper and Cey Adams, capturing the vibrancy and spirit of urban life in the early 1980s. This artwork synergizes Cooper's iconic photography with Adams' graphic artistry, presenting a nostalgic yet timeless exploration of street culture and its impact on the broader artistic landscape. Through "CARWASH 1982," the artists offer a window into the dynamic energy of New York City's streets, celebrating the everyday scenes and the unsung heroes of the urban environment."

CARWASH 1982" features a scene from a New York City car wash, emblematic of the era's grit and exuberance. The photograph, taken by Cooper, showcases a moment frozen in time, where the energy of the city and its inhabitants is palpable. Adams' contribution layers graphic motifs and vibrant colors atop and around the photo, highlighting the cultural and artistic expressions that emerged from these communal spaces. The interplay of black and white photography with graphic art creates a dialogue between documentary realism and artistic abstraction, offering a multifaceted perspective on urban life.

This silkscreen collaboration between Cey Adams and Martha Cooper is unframed and printed on 320 gram Coventry Rag paper.  On 28.5” x 39” paper with  23" x 24" image size, it's an edition of only 75 pieces published by West Chelsea Editions. Printed with precision by Gary Lichtenstein Editions.

Framed editions will ship out within 3 weeks

Artist: Martha Cooper x Cey Adams
Year: 2023
Medium: Silkscreen on 320 gram Coventry Rag paper
28.5" x 39.0"