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Cleon Peterson | Burnout | Black

Cleon Peterson's "Burnout | Black" is a striking piece that embodies the artist's characteristic exploration of chaos, power struggles, and societal breakdowns. Known for his stark, graphic style, Peterson employs a monochromatic palette to depict intense, often violent scenes that reflect the darker aspects of human nature and social relations. "Burnout | Black" is likely no exception, presenting viewers with a visually compelling narrative that challenges them to confront the complexities of dominance, conflict, and the human condition.

This artwork, with its use of black tones, underscores the dramatic tension inherent in Peterson's subjects, offering a stark visual contrast that amplifies the thematic content of his work. His pieces often feature figures entangled in acts of aggression or dominance, rendered in a style that is both minimalist and deeply expressive. "Burnout | Black," through its title and execution, suggests a moment of intense culmination or the aftermath of such conflicts, capturing a sense of exhaustion or disillusionment with the ongoing cycles of power and resistance.

As with much of Peterson's work, "Burnout | Black" invites reflection on contemporary societal issues, drawing parallels between historical narratives of empire and power and the current state of global affairs. Collectors and admirers of Peterson's art are drawn not only to the aesthetic qualities of his work but also to the provocative and often unsettling questions it raises about authority, morality, and the potential for reconciliation or change within society.

Framed Dimensions: 19.94 x 19.94 in

Artist: Cleon Peterson
Year: 2021
Medium: Black and yellow screen print
16.0" x 16.0"