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Lady Pink | Black Venus

Lady Pink, a revered figure in the street art and graffiti world, is celebrated for her vivid, impactful works that often address themes of feminism, strength, resistance, and social commentary, blending them with her distinctive aesthetic and vibrant use of color.

"Black Venus" explores themes of beauty, empowerment, and identity, drawing inspiration from the historical depiction of femininity and challenging traditional narratives. Her works frequently incorporate strong female figures and are known for their depth, complexity, and ability to provoke thought and dialogue.

Giclee print on heavy paper. Size 20” x 16”. Edition size is 50 prints. Hand signed by Lady Pink 2021.

Framed Dimensions: 22.12 x 21.12 in

Artist: Lady Pink
Year: 2021
Medium: Giclee print on heavy paper
18.0" x 17.0"