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RISK | Billboard

Step into the roots of LA street art with the "Billboard - RISK Tag Billboard Collectible," a limited edition replica of one of Risk's pioneering billboards. This collectible captures the essence of Risk's early forays into the world of graffiti, featuring the iconic RISK tag along with nods to WCA (West Coast Artists) and MSK (Mad Society Kings), two influential graffiti crews that have shaped the urban art landscape.

Limited to just 50 pieces, this collectible not only embodies a piece of street art history but also showcases the boldness and innovation that Risk brought to the Los Angeles art scene. Each piece is a tribute to the artist's journey from street corners to gallery walls, making it an invaluable addition to the collection of any art enthusiast or historian of the graffiti movement.

Owning this collectible offers a unique opportunity to hold a piece of the vibrant energy and rebellious spirit that Risk and his crews brought to the streets of LA. It's a tangible connection to the early days of graffiti, celebrating the art form's evolution and its ongoing impact on contemporary culture.

Artist: Risk