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Bill Tavis | Cloud Study

Bill Tavis, a visionary artist renowned for his captivating halftone artworks, unveils "Cloud Study" - a masterful creation from 2023. This exclusive release is a 3-color screenprint that manifests the ethereal beauty of clouds through Tavis' signature optical illusion technique. Each print measures 12x16 inches, offering a perfect showcase of Tavis' ability to blend intricate detail with mesmerizing patterns.

Limited to a mere 60 pieces, each print is meticulously signed and numbered by Tavis, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness. "Cloud Study" is not merely a visual experience; it's an invitation to explore the transient and sublime nature of clouds, captured through the lens of Tavis' unparalleled halftone method. This piece is a testament to Tavis' innovative spirit and his profound connection to the natural world, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of contemporary art.

Artist: Bill Tavis
Year: 2023
Medium: 3 color screenprint
16.0" x 12.0"