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Magda Archer | Why Can't People Be Nice To Each Other Anymore Magnet

Third Drawer Down introduce a new collection of laugh-out-loud gifts from British artist (and mate of David Shrigley) Magda Archer. The collection of 'way-too-relatable' magnets make for easy and hilarious gifting. Add them all to your fridge collection. About the Artist Magda Archer is a London-based artist. She studied at Ravensbourne College of Art, Chelsea School of Art, and the Royal College of Art. Her first solo show Crazy Mad was in 2011 at The Cornerhouse, Manchester. Magda’s breakthrough show #givemeeverythingandnothingbaby was first shown at the opening of HOME, Manchester in the summer of 2015 before moving to Chapter Arts in Cardiff where, due to popular demand, the show’s run was extended. Magda’s work has been used by a variety of different companies from Blue Q in the U.S. to the Commes des Garcons SHIRT campaign of 2012. Magda collaborated with the British Fashion designer Jenny Packham in Fall 2017 and then again in Easter 2018. Magda’s interests outside of art include terriers, aliens, and space, comic book art, customizing denim jackets and painting leather ones, and, as she puts it, ‘ham-fisted song writing’.

Artist: Magda Archer