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Seeing Both At Once

This print is my ode to vision and fractals, and took hundreds of hours over the course of a couple of years to finally finish. I used custom software to draw the eye in 5 colors using a specially modified pattern from the Mandelbrot set fractal (the fifth color is the white of the paper). The colors are modulated as a halftone, meaning that the lines vary in width in proportion to each other to create the illusion of different hues and values. I took the algorithmic result of my program and hand-painted extensively on top, still only using the same 5 colors, shaping the details to look interesting and clean while also smoothing out the gradients and clarifying the edges in the overall image.

Edition of 100

Signed and numbered

Artist: Bill Tavis
Year: 2018
Medium: 4-color screenprint on French 100# Cover paper
18.0" x 24.0"