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Blek le Rat | Saving Banksy Poster

Own a piece of street art history with the Saving Banksy Poster, featuring the iconic hand-stenciled OG rat by the legendary street artist Blek le Rat. This original movie theater poster is a rare find, as only 25 out of the 3000 posters were signed and stenciled by Blek himself.

This poster not only celebrates the work of Banksy but was created by Blek le Rat, one of the pioneers of street art. With its limited availability and unique artistic touch, the Saving Banksy Poster is a prized collectible for art enthusiasts and street art aficionados alike. Don't miss the opportunity to add this exceptional piece to your collection.

Artist: Blek le Rat
Year: 2021
Medium: Poster
29.5" x 22.0"