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Cleon Peterson | Punishment | Bone

Cleon Peterson's "Punishment | Bone" is a striking artwork that delves into themes of justice, authority, and the darker aspects of societal order. Known for his bold, graphic style, Peterson often explores the dynamics of power and violence, presenting scenes that challenge the viewer's perceptions of morality and control. In "Punishment | Bone," these themes are likely to be at the forefront, with the color "Bone" serving as a stark, evocative backdrop that emphasizes the raw and primal nature of the subject matter.

"Punishment | Bone" invites contemplation on the consequences of authority exerted over others and the often ambiguous line between justice and vengeance. Through his impactful visual language, Peterson creates a space for reflection on the complexities of human behavior and the societal structures that shape our actions and reactions.

For collectors and admirers of Cleon Peterson's work, "Punishment | Bone" offers another profound commentary on the human condition, continuing the artist's exploration of the themes that define our collective and individual experiences. This piece, like much of Peterson's work, is not just an object of aesthetic appreciation but a catalyst for deeper thought and discussion.

Frame Dimensions: 42.62 x 42.62

Artist: Cleon Peterson
Year: 2021
Medium: Hand-pulled screen print on 290gsm Coventry Rag paper with deckled edges
36.0" x 36.0"