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PhoebeNewYork | F*ck 'Em! | Poster

Dive into the heart of New York City with the exclusive "NY I Love You" poster collection by PhoebeNewYork. This series features 18×24 inch stamped photographic prints on premium 9pt paper stock, capturing the vibrant essence and dynamic spirit of NYC through the lens of street photography. Each piece in the collection showcases a unique moment from the streets of New York City, framed with a sleek white border that accentuates the artwork. While image sizes vary slightly, offering more background and depth, every photo guarantees a minimum size of 12×18 inches on an 18×24 poster, ensuring that each piece is a substantial and striking addition to your space. Perfect for art lovers and city dreamers alike, these posters bring a piece of New York's soul into your home or office.

Artist: PhoebeNewYork