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Cleon Peterson | Peace- War | White 8/125

Cleon Peterson's "Peace - War" is a compelling artwork that encapsulates the artist's stark, confrontational style, delving into the dichotomies and cycles between peace and conflict that define human history and personal relationships. Known for his graphic, often monochromatic depictions of violent scenes and power struggles, Peterson in "Peace - War" likely explores the contrasting states of human existence and the fragile line that separates harmony from chaos.

This piece presents a visual narrative that reflects on the coexistence of opposing forces within society and the individual. Peterson's work frequently addresses themes of dominance, aggression, and the societal undercurrents that propel communities towards either conflict or unity. "Peace - War" is a meditation on the cyclical nature of human affairs, where moments of tranquility and discord are in constant flux, each giving context and meaning to the other.

In creating a juxtaposition between peace and war, Peterson invites viewers to consider the causes and consequences of these extremes, including the roles of power, justice, and human nature in shaping our world. His art provokes reflection on how societies and individuals navigate the balance between these forces, often prompting a deeper contemplation of our own contributions to the cycles of peace and conflict.

"Peace - War," with its impactful imagery and thematic depth, continues Peterson's tradition of challenging observers to confront uncomfortable truths about the human condition, making it a significant piece for collectors and admirers of contemporary art who are drawn to works that question and critique societal norms and behaviors.

Framed Dimensions: 21.37 x 17.37 in

Artist: Cleon Peterson
Year: 2021
Medium: Hand pulled screen print on 290gsm Arches Rag paper with deckled edges
16.0" x 12.0"