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Eric Orr | Orr meets K.H. Sept 24, 1984

"In the fall of 1984, I was fortunate enough to be formally invited by artist Keith Haring to collaborate with him on a series of drawings in the New York City subway system. Years later, that moment in time became historic and made me the only artist to collaborate with him to create chalk drawings in the subways of New York City. This drawing was one of the last drawings Keith and I collaborated on that day in the subway. Keith suggested I put a body on my Robothead image and that was the very, very early beginnings of my Max Robot protagonistic character." -Eric Orr

Each poster is framed behind museum glass and embellished with aerosol and acrylic paint.

Artist: Eric Orr
Year: 2014
Medium: Poster embellished with aerosol and acrylic paint
40.0" x 28.0"

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