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Keith Haring | Dogs Pop Pin

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Keith Haring with the "Dogs Pop Pin," featuring one of his iconic, animated dogs brought to life in a striking pop art style. The pin showcases the dog in a dynamic, joyful leap, embodying the essence of Haring's art—full of movement, energy, and themes of life and companionship. Rendered in bright, contrasting colors, this piece not only captures attention but also adds a playful touch to any outfit.

This 1" x 0.75" pin is meticulously crafted from gold-plated brass and finished with hard enamel to ensure a durable and glossy surface. It is perfect for accessorizing jackets, bags, or hats, and comes equipped with a black rubber pin clutch for secure fastening. Whether you're a fan of Haring's work or a collector of unique art accessories, the "Dogs Pop Pin" is a delightful addition that celebrates the artist's legacy of lively and thoughtful art.

Artist: Keith Haring