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Hunter Barnes | The People

Hunter Barnes' dedication to documenting often overlooked aspects of culture and communities shines through in his work with the Nez Perce tribe. Spending four years immersed in their world, he built relationships and earned trust before even picking up his camera. The resulting collection, captured in timeless black and white, captures the raw essence of the Nez Perce people, with subjects who meet the lens with unwavering authenticity.

What strikes me about Barnes' photography is not just its visual impact, but the depth of insight it provides into a culture undergoing profound change. His images serve as a bridge between tradition and modernity, offering a glimpse into a world that's both evolving and enduring. In many ways, his work echoes that of Edward S. Curtis, yet Barnes brings his own contemporary perspective and personal connection to the table.

By delving into the Nez Perce tribe's inner circle, Barnes has created more than just photographs; he's crafted a vital historical record and a testament to the resilience of a people. It's a reminder of the power of photography to not only capture moments but also to preserve cultures and provoke reflection on our shared humanity.

Artist: Hunter Barnes

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