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Risk | Hello my name is | Large

Dive into the vibrant world of LA graffiti with "Hello My Name Is (Large)" by legendary artist Risk. This limited edition print transforms the classic introduction sticker into a canvas of identity and expression, showcasing Risk's iconic use of bold colors and intricate patterns. Each piece is hand-signed and numbered, making it a coveted item for collectors and contemporary art enthusiasts alike.

Perfect for those looking to infuse their space with the energy and vibrancy of street art culture, this print serves as a striking visual statement. "Hello My Name Is (Large)" is not just artwork; it's a piece of Los Angeles' rich cultural tapestry, offered by one of its most celebrated artists. Own a vibrant slice of street art history and bring the spirit of LA into your home or gallery.

Artist: Risk
Year: 2022
Medium: Silkscreen on vinyl sticker paper, spray paint
27.0" x 40.0"