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Corkboard Placemat Gift Set x Louise Bourgeois

Discover the intimate world of Louise Bourgeois with our Corkboard Placemat Gift Set, where every meal becomes a rendezvous with art. Bourgeois's profound connection to fabric, rooted in her childhood amidst her parents' tapestry restoration workshop, weaves through her life and work. By the tender age of twelve, she was intricately involved in the family business, sketching the missing pieces of history-laden tapestries. Her journey didn't end there; Bourgeois's penchant for collecting—clothes, tablecloths, napkins, and bed linens—found a second life in her art from the mid-nineties onward. She dissected and reassembled these pieces of her past, stitching them into works of profound emotional and psychological resonance.

This gift set is more than a dining accessory; it's a tribute to Bourgeois's belief in the power of sewing to mend the fragments of life, to hold onto connections, and to heal. "I always had the fear of being separated and abandoned," she confessed. "The sewing is my attempt to keep things together and make things whole." With every use, these placemats invite you to partake in a ritual of unity and wholeness, echoing Bourgeois's artistic and emotional legacy. Enrich your table with the depth of history and the warmth of stories sewn into the fabric of art itself.

Artist: Louise Bourgeois