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Shelter Serra | Tootsie Pop | Cherry

Shelter Serra is an artist known for his work that often critiques and plays with the iconography of consumer culture, branding, and the objects that populate our everyday lives. His artworks range from sculptures and installations to prints and paintings, each exploring themes of mass production, cultural identity, and the value we assign to objects within society.

"Tootsie Pop" is an exploration of the iconic candy as a cultural artifact, examining its place within American consumer history and its associations with childhood, pleasure, and the concept of desire and gratification. Serra's work is characterized by a thoughtful interrogation of the ordinary, transforming familiar items into objects of art that prompt reflection on their meaning and significance.

Artist: Shelter Serra
Year: 2016
Medium: Silkscreen on 320 gram Coventry Rag paper
22.0" x 20.0"