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Jane Dickson | Prater-Chair-A-Place

Jane Dickson's "Prater-Chair-A-Place" emerges as a captivating piece that exemplifies her unique artistic vision, combining her fascination with artificial light and its interplay within surreal, often sexually transgressive environments. Employing felt as her canvas, Dickson ventures beyond traditional surfaces to explore and exploit the material's textural possibilities and implicit references. This choice of medium enhances the visual experience, lending the artwork a dreamlike quality where the softness of the felt mirrors the hazy twinkle of stars and the lights of a fairground ride's swing carousel. The resulting effect blurs the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, inviting viewers into a mesmerizing landscape that is both familiar and fantastical.

"Prater-Chair-A-Place" is a limited edition of 20, with each work signed and numbered by Dickson, ensuring its authenticity and collectibility. Significantly, all proceeds from the sale of this artwork are dedicated to the Bronx Fire Relief Fundraiser, supporting those impacted by the Bronx fire. This act of generosity embeds the piece within a context of community support and social responsibility, adding a layer of depth to its artistic and aesthetic appeal. Collectors of Dickson's work thus acquire not just a visually striking piece of art but also contribute to a meaningful cause, aligning their appreciation of art with philanthropic efforts.

Artist: Jane Dickson
Year: 2014
Medium: Silkscreen on felt
19.0" x 19.0"