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Bill Tavis | Cathedral Rock

This digital halftone painting captures the beauty of Sedona that inspired the artist during a visit years ago.
The sky pattern, based on the Mandelbrot set, forms a stunning backdrop, while the rock contours were meticulously created by tracing natural strata. The artwork is a limited edition of 100, showcasing the artist's dedication and unique color halftone technique. It's a limited edition, with only 100 copies in existence, each a true work of art. The Bill Tavis' journey to develop a unique color halftone technique has culminated in this exceptional piece, which not only does justice to the breathtaking Sedona landscape but also showcases their mastery of non-overlapping arbitrary colors.

Artist: Bill Tavis
Year: 2021
Medium: 4 color screenprint
30.0" x 24.0"