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Craig Damrauer | Modern Art Mug

Elevate your morning routine with our collection of mugs that aren't just about holding your favorite brew—they're conversation starters. Each mug in our collection comes emblazoned with witty, mathematical equations that spell out truths with humor and style. Take for example, "Modern Art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t," a cheeky nod to the eternal debate surrounding contemporary art. Or, for the culinary enthusiasts, our mugs simplify the age-old Chef/Cook conundrum with "Chef = Cook + Authority," distilling complex hierarchies into simple arithmetic.

Sipping your coffee from these mugs adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your day, turning each sip into a moment of introspection and a chuckle. They're perfect for the art lover or foodie with a keen sense of humor and a love for all things cleverly conceptual. With these mugs, every morning becomes an opportunity to ponder, to question, and to start conversations, all before your day officially begins. Grab one for yourself, or gift it to someone special who loves a good blend of wit with their morning coffee.

Artist: Craig Damrauer