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Toiletpaper | Small Glass | Hands with Snakes

The Toiletpaper Glasses drinkware collection transforms everyday sipping into an extraordinary experience, infusing the daring and unconventional spirit of TOILETPAPER magazine into a series of bold and visually striking glasses. These aren't your average pieces of drinkware; each glass is adorned with the surreal, provocative imagery and vibrant colors that have become synonymous with TOILETPAPER's unique aesthetic. From whimsical to outright bizarre, the designs on these glasses are sure to spark conversation and intrigue at any table setting.

Made for those who appreciate art and want to incorporate it into every aspect of their life, these glasses elevate the act of drinking to an act of expression. Whether you're enjoying a morning juice or an evening cocktail, these glasses add a splash of fun and eccentricity to your routine. Crafted with attention to quality and durability, they're designed to be both a visual delight and practical for daily use. Ideal for gifting to a fellow art lover or adding a touch of artistic flair to your own home, the Toiletpaper Glasses drinkware collection is a testament to how even the most mundane moments can be infused with creativity and humor.

3” x 3,3”

Artist: Toiletpaper