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Jeff Koons | Dinner Plate Set

The Jeff Koons Dinner Plate Set is an exquisite collection that marries the boundary-pushing artistry of Jeff Koons with the elegance of everyday objects, transforming the dining experience into an immersive art event. This limited edition set, comprising 6 assorted coupe plates, each measuring 12.2 inches in diameter, is a testament to Koons' ability to infuse art into the fabric of daily life, making it accessible and enjoyable in new and unexpected ways.

Limited to just 2500 sets, each plate in the collection likely features a unique design that reflects Koons' iconic themes and motifs, such as his fascination with pop culture, conceptual art, and the reinterpretation of everyday objects. The plates could be adorned with imagery reminiscent of his Balloon Animals, Banality series, or mirror-polished stainless steel sculptures, all rendered in exquisite detail that captures the vibrant color and playful spirit of Koons' work.

Crafted for art enthusiasts and collectors alike, this dinner plate set transcends mere functionality. It invites users to engage with art in intimate settings, turning each meal into a curated exhibition. The limited edition nature of the set ensures its value as a collectible, appealing to fans of Koons' work and those looking to own a piece of contemporary art history.

Presented in a beautifully designed package, the Jeff Koons Dinner Plate Set is not only a practical item for those who appreciate fine dining and art but also serves as an investment in a unique, limited edition piece that bridges the gap between art and life, showcasing Koons' enduring legacy in the contemporary art world.

Artist: Jeff Koons